DigiGig (Digital Music Gig Book & Librarian for Windows)

VsamEx[treme] is a very fast ISAM Engine for Shared Network Access,
With Full Record Locking, Variable Length Records, Multiple Indexes,
Ad Hoc Searching and much more!

---- Compatible with .Net, C++, VB, PowerBASIC, DELPHI. ----
(Now with enhanced SHA based Encryption)


NEW "DigiGig" - A Music Librarian for PDF sheet Music
Gigbook Manager including set management
Easy to use touch interface - supports foot pedals

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Take a look at DigiGig!

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  • Does your application need fast reliable data access?
    The VsamEx fast ISAM is 25 times faster than access! - Industrial strength datasets protect your data!
  • Does your application require highly secure data?
    The VsamEx fast ISAM now supports encryption based on an enhanced SHA (Secure Hashing Algorithm).
  • Does your application need a small footprint?
    The VsamEx fast ISAM is approximately 150K bytes! - Great for delivery of compact applications over the Internet!
  • Does your application need compact Data Storage?
    The VsamEx fast ISAM stores variable length data! - Dataset compaction is automatic!
  • Does your application need multi user shared access?
    The VsamEx fast ISAM runs on any network! - It supports full record locking!
    • Vservice Reduces network load by several orders of magnitude!

  • Does your application need Windows and/or Linux?
    The VsamEx fast ISAM Datasets are 100% binary compatible between Windows and Linux - Datasets may be exchanged without conversion!


VsamEx[treme] - Software Source is the home of the best Kept secret in Windows. Since 1989, we have provided the only fast ISAM record manager in Windows that is "Industrial Strength" - VB/ISAM!

VsamEx is the next generation of that award winning fast ISAM data engine. It is used by many large Banks, Oil Companies, Insurance Agencies. It is used by the Federal Election Commission, by the National League for Nursing, by Pacific Bell, and even Microsoft Corporation itself, just to name a few.

VsamEx just doesn't break!

Vservice - While today's "Client/Server" technology addresses shared dataset performance issues, it ignores issues of cost and ease of use. Current vendors of Server software develop large systems with bloated software deliverables and they charge a lot for this technology!  They have to - Large companies have to charge large to cover their expenses!

Vservice changes the paradigm that Server performance requires more expensive technology at higher cost and complexity!

See How this Works! 

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