VsamEx[treme] & Vservice - The Real "Next Generation!"






 Industrial Strength:

It's predecessor, VB/ISAM, is used by many large Banks, Oil Companies, and Insurance Agencies. It is used by the Federal Election Commission, by the National League for Nursing, by SBC/Pacific Bell, and even Microsoft Corp. itself - just to name a few. Over 1,000,000 end users have products that use this engine














The One and Only Un-Database!

  • Based on the award winning VB/ISAM database engine.
  • An Inexpensive,  Royalty free, high speed, embedded Virtual ISAM Data manager.
  • Linux and Windows datasets are 100% binary equivalent and may be interchanged without conversion.
  • Lightning fast Virtual ISAM Engine for Shared Network or Local Access supporting full record locking.
  • Vservice is the real Client/Server version - LAN & Internet deployment supported.
  • Vservice Server add-in supports thousands of users.  
  • Compatible with .Net, C++, VB, PowerBASIC, DELPHI - Windows and Linux versions available -
  • Deliverable as DLL, OCX and Link libraries - Small footprint of 196k - Still Royalty Free!

VsamEx - Enhanced feature set:


  • Application accessible Record Layout.
  • New Application defined field attributes.
  • Modify Application defined and some default field attributes on the fly.
  • Add new fields and Delete fields on the fly, with out rebuilding.
  • Sparse Indexing Technology - Records need not always produce an index.
  • Sparse Field Technology - Individual records may contain different fields. Records do not need to contain all fields.
  • All records are variable length - Great for mixtures records that vary greatly in size.
  • Fields may be integers, longs, doubles, floats, currency or variable length strings and more!
  • Compound field support - Two or more fields may be combined, by formula, to create a virtual index.
  • File, record, and string level SHA based encryption.
  • Ad Hoc Searching - complex sorting with output selectable HTML, Text or Dynaset creation (Another VsamEx DataSet).

Vservice feature set:

  • No expensive Microsoft Server with complex expensive seat licensing - Vservice is very low cost and extremely easy to maintain
    Truly the " Magic Bullet" of Client/Server!
  • Complete application transparency - Drop in Vservice to any Windows computer, accessible over a LAN or the WEB. The existing application linked to VsamEx will automatically connect to Vservice when the DataSet is opened using standard URL file naming conventions to that computer i.e. "\\ComputerA\Share\filepath\dataset" or any IP address designator such as:
  • No more Opportunistic Locking - Vservice Client API handles everything.
  • Full record level locking without any network overhead.
  • Vservice implementation eliminates 90% of the network overhead involved in supporting shared datasets.
  • Vservice runs as either an application or a Windows Service through a command line option.
  • Secure multi-key login and authentication - only applications connected to a valid, licensed VsamEx interface will connect.
  • Vservice supports remote administrative updates.

Software Source is the home of the best Kept secret in Windows. Since 1989, we have provided the only fast ISAM record manager in Windows that is "Industrial Strength" - VB/ISAM! - and now VsamEx.

VsamEx just doesn't break!









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