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VsamEx Extensions for PHP

Developers can now integrate high speed VsamEx datasets and access methods into their WEB Applications using the same intuitive, simple API's that are available in the Standard version of VsamEX.
As with VsamEx it'self, the PHP extensions remain Royalty Free

Software Source offers Extensions for PHP for both thread safe and non-thread safe version of PHP.
After purchasing VsamEx professional, Call 408-887-7367 for a FREE version of the VsamEx PHP Extensions.
This offer is good through 6/30/2011

The Release of VsamEx 6.0

Software Source’s award winning high speed database engine now supports sparse fields and dynamic data definitions. With a small footprint (196k), multi user record locking and industrial strength reliability - it is time tested technology! VsamEx[treme] exports an easy intuitive API for VB6 and .NET. It is used by many large Banks, Oil Companies, Insurance Agencies.
Royalty Free!


If it Looks like a Nail...

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When it comes to managing data for your application, a SQL Server or Jet databases are often appropriate but for some jobs they can be overkill - especially when disk space and performance are important factors. In those cases, you do not need a database, you need the "Un-Database" - VsamEx[treme], a fast ISAM database engine from Software Source.  With only a 150k footprint, it’s perfect for embedded & Internet distribution!


The VSAM part of VsamEx[treme] stands for Virtual [Indexed] Sequential Access Method (ISAM), a time honored access method for record data, especially when performance is important. While there are many implementations of the ISAM concept, VsamEx[treme] is one of the fastest and most reliable. This is especially true when you consider that unlike most ISAM implementations, it handles variable length records. This is an important factor when your dataset design includes records that vary greatly in size.

Just My Type...

The VsamEx[treme] ISAM comes as a DLL, ActiveX OCX, or Link Library. Whatever language your application is coded in, the VsamEx[treme] ISAM may be linked to it. For example, in Visual Basic you just include the .BAS file and bingo; all of the VsamEx[treme] ISAM functions are available as extensions to VB.  In addition, there is a 100% compatible version for Linux that maintains Binary compatible datasets.

All Fields Are Not Equal...

The VsamEx[treme] ISAM also provides the ability to add and delete fields dynamically. This means that as your database design evolves, you can change the record structure on the fly, without rebuilding the datasets that already exist! Furthermore, dataset records do not have to contain all fields defined in the database. We call this "Sparse Field Technology". Different records may carry different fields depending upon application relevance. Very complex data structures may be created.




fields$ = "Primary,Name,Phone,Email"
 samOpen%(txtDbFile.Text, READ_WRITE, DbHwmcb&, LICENSE_KEY$, "")
 rc% = VsamBOF%(DbHwmcb&, "Primary")
 Do While rc% = VIS_OK
     rc% = VsamGet%(DbHwmcb&, "Primary", XNEXT, "", rskey$, rpkey$, hrec&)
     If rc% = VIS_OK Then
         buf$ = VsamReport$(DbHwmcb&, rpkey$, hrec&, fields$, _
                                            RPT_FMT_HRPTDATA, "")
         List1.AddItem buf$
     End If

By Name or Number...


All fields have attributes one of which is Name. This means that the fields in your dataset may be accessed by Field Name or by Field Number. Some of the other default attributes are Field Type, Indexed Flag, Justification, and Width. Your software may add or modify field attributes. Some of the default attributes such as Field name may be changed as well.

Hide & Seek...


Great data management software does more than just put records into datasets. For information to be usefull, it must be accessable in some context. It is the application software that allows the context and VsamEx[treme] supplies the flexability.  Ad hoc query capabilities are built in. Searching In VsamEx[treme] is simple. It uses easy to understand  "and", "or" and "not" logic coupled with straight forward, English like, constructs that may be used to build  lists of keys or other complete datasets (DynaSets)!

The Record is Key...


Each record is assigned a variable length key (Primary key) that you supply and may be up to 252 characters in length. Secondary indexes may be assigned from any string field in the record, up to 250 characters each, within the first 150 fields. There is no limit to the number of records except that they must fit inside the dataset (currently 2.1 GB max). The maximum single record size is 65k bytes. All records and their indexes are stored in the same file for easy maintenance.

Extreme it is!...


Extreme Programming is the method used to design and build the VsamEx[treme] ISAM. The Extreme nature of writing software this way results in a more dynamic creative process that uses proven Psychological, Engineering and other Scientific concepts – where multiple developers, with different talents and experiences, dynamically exchange ideas, skills and code, in real-time – in order to contribute to an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts!



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