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The Original Un-Database
V part of the name stands for "Virtual", which simulates a list of records sequenced by their Keys. The SAM part stands for an age old data storage technique ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method) used to store very large datasets on main frame computers in the past. Extremely fast binary and tree search methods can find any record in the dataset in microseconds.

The ISAM method was originally developed by IBM in order to process large amounts of data in an organized and speedy way. Even today, it remains one of the most generic, fundamental tools for all data base developers. It is found at the core of many relational databases. There have been many implementations and improvements to the original IBM design over the years and the
VsamEx[treme] ISAM is one of the best!

Simple API - Easy to use
VsamEx[treme] has been designed from the ground up to enable application developers to easily incorporate data management into their applications! There are no complex tables to join or merge into 3rd normal form! The essential concept is one of a record. Each record  is named with a label called a KEY (1 - 252 characters) - much like a disk file has a "file name". A record consists of all of the fields for which information has been supplied and previously saved by the application. The essential operations are READ a record and WRITE a record. There are extensions that provide a robust programming tool such as OPEN, CLOSE, SetBOF, SetEOF, etc. but, these support the fundamental concept of read and write.


Lightning Fast
VsamEx[treme] restores data management to the application at the lowest level, it is Inherently lightning fast. The VsamEx[treme] ISAM gives the programmer a lot of flexibility in organizing all kinds of tables and ad hoc information. Records in a VsamEx[treme] ISAM dataset are indexed using variable length keys (labels) of up to 252 characters. This means that the programmer can get to any data item instantly by any key, usually in microseconds. At any point, data may be retrieved sequentially from the current spot, either forward or backward in direction. Data is maintained alphanumerically (kind of like a Rolodex file). Since the VsamEx[treme] ISAM is totally consistent, as records are added and removed it reacts as you would normally expect in the real world - there is no guessing about where the data went or how to get it back! On modern PC's, query functions allow for complex full text Boolean searches at over 5 MB per second. Fully indexed Dynasets may be created from the resulting queries.

Multiple User Access
In addition to
VsamEx[treme] being an ISAM, it also supports multiple simultaneous access by many users (multi user), all of whom may be actively retrieving or updating the dataset. While VsamEx[treme] supports data sharing through the Microsoft "Shared file" model, the Client/Server shell ( Vservice) will cut network loading and improve network access by several orders of magnitude. It will run on any Windows computer, not just a Microsoft server. There are no "Opportunistic Locking" bottlenecks to consider. The Vservice model virtually eliminates the tremendous overhead imposed by the Microsoft shared file model, not to mention the expense required to support a full Microsoft server. VsamEx[treme] ISAM is a royalty free product that runs on any network supporting binary data files. It's small (about 170k of executing code), supports full "Record Locking", is easy to use and as reliable as an anvil. This makes it attractive for those programmers who find other larger data access engines too slow, too big, too complex or too unreliable to create stable end-user products.

VsamEx[treme] ISAM is perfect for CD-ROM Publishing and network distribution, it is truly Industrial Strength!

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