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VB/ISAM Service Pack 01/10/2005

The following fixes are cumulative and
include all fixes from previous Service Packs








Certain Sharing access will result in missing keys during a read with nodata at the end of file (dataset). The Data is intact but the software will not find all keys during a readnext operation.



Modified the access to the Map validation routine to determine if a new copy is required before the readnext operation.




DataSet Formats with arrays of 200 or more strings (a250$) would cause the system to crash when the dataset was opened.

While fixing an error causing Compound Fields to be processed, we created an array of 256 objects that turned out could become larger under the circumstances when a format string specified "A250$". We now use an array that is much larger and cannot overflow!



When a dataset grows to its maximum, the last record update will corrupt the database requiring a rebuild to recover.

Modified the low level binary search algorthm to account for the specific end point contition.

A new download is available on the Products page. Please send Email to receive a newer version of Vtl5032.dll



Certain Endpoint cases of multiple users updating different records in the last group could result in erroneous reporting of VIS_DISK_ERROR.

Corrected the test for dataset full so that a record update will not be attempted if there is not enough space for the worst case condition. VB/ISAM will now correctly return VIS_NO_ROOM!



A bug in the C++ library "realloc" function caused record growth to overlay other memory when modifying field data.

Created an internal bug-free version for VB/ISAM.



A bug caused the low level Dataset Open function to clobber certain parts of memory when one of the component dataset files (.ism) was missing.

Re-coded the low level function to correct this issue.



VIS_DISK_ERROR now returns an extended error "14xx" where xx identifies the specific failure. This can be a value from 01 to 50. These errors occure primarly because a block of data that we expected to be a certain size was either larger or (mostly) smaller than we expected.

This helps to pinpoint system failures for technical support.



A bug related to small primary key sizes and VmxGet/XLOOKUP would incorrectly return VIS_INVALID_KEY

Modified VmxGet to interpret the stored format string properly for this case.



A bug in VmxOpen & VmxCreate would not process path/filename beyond 128 characters.

Changed the create and open modules to respond properly by calling a more appropriate windowAPI to determine Full_Path!   

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